about-images.jpgTrailmaster Adventures was started out of the love for adventure riding by myself, Rob Watt. At first it was just a name to put on shirts and hats to give to my friends when we went riding. Like most of us who ride, our adventure bike takes us into some of the most beautiful places in the world. We are always trying to figure out how we can do this full time and to turn our passion into a business. That's when it all came together....

.... Like many of you I was carrying my extra tools and various items I only use in emergency or sparingly in my tank bag. They always seem to be in the way and there was no room to carry the more important things like cameras, iPhones, snacks and personal items. That's when it hit me to make a bag to fit in the hole of the crash bars. So an idea was born and out of that idea came the A990 and A1200 Adventure bags to fit your KTM and BMW Adventure bikes.

So now I travel around the country on my bike and talk up the benefits of the bags while riding the best and nastiest dirt roads America has to offer. Once those are all done, it's off to other countries to see the world by Adventure bike. I hope you enjoy my site and have the chance to purchase one of our bags.

Thank you for visiting and remember, "Adventure is what you make it!"