Tire Talk with Rob - Motoz Tractionator Review

by Rob Watt

There has long been a debate about which tire is the best to use on pavement and off-road.  Here is a little video discussing my thoughts on the subject and my recent use of the Motoz Tractionator Adventure tire.

Below are some comparison photos of the Tractionator and a TKC80 which were ridden on the same ride and used the same.  The Tractionator was on my GS and the TKC80 was on a KTM 1090 that followed me.  Both these tires were brand new when we left on our trip and when we finished the Idaho BDR, we had ridden 1540 miles

Motoz Tractionator Adventure on the left...... TKC 80 on right with 1540 miles each

I hope this helps you in your decision on what tires to buy and like I said, there really is no bad answer to what you use.  It's a matter of preference and cost analysis, of which I've will be choosing the Motoz from now on.